I'm ringing doorbells with my hands concealed from view


Sure it’s a cousin. Take a close look. It’ll blow your mind.

That’s going to bring some money. Not bad shape either considering.

Have had the opportunity a couple of times for a Fairlane but never a Cyclone 427 car

Color would be very far from my first choice. Seems odd but maybe going the sleeper mode originally

definitely an order that was inspired to go drag racing after watching Dyno Don run his Comet down the strip.

Were any 427 Cyclones/Fairlanes built with a C6?

These cars are rarer than GTEs.

The C6 wasn’t offered. I built this car in my head as a fantasy customer order - pretending I was back in 1966-67 but with my age and 401K instead of being 14 - earlier this week. The close-ratio Top loader was the only transmission choice, whether single or twin Holleys.

It’s a solid lifter, 11.5/1 compression Medium Riser factory issued. Can you think of a higher performing engine combo ever offered that you could simply order from a dealership? Certainly there were higher performing cars from Ford, but maybe not one that you could sit at the salesman’s desk and check the box for a regular production car?

No…not a Boss 429 car IMHO. Help me here.

Man this is going to be a great car if it gets restored.

Anyone notice that it is an 8V carb?

Not an unusual term used for two 4V’s in Ford documentation.

Ads for over the counter two four intakes often used the same “term”

The R code Fairlane / Comet may just be the fastest production car you could get from Ford (not counting AC Cobra) About 5 years ago at the FE reunion a friend of a friend was running a 66 R code Fairlane totally stock not Pure Stock Drag Stock skinny redline tires and all, when the car hooked up it ran 12.70s and 12.80s I cant remember the exact times down to tenths. The owner told me every few years hell take the car down the 1/4 so its not like the car or driver are totally dialed in either.