Information on a 68 XR7 GT 390 4sp

This is a Cougar I owned a long time ago vin# 8f93s569159 information door data plate, buck tag a Marti report window sticker any information is great I been looking for information on this car for 4 months with on luck please help Thank you

I sent the VIN to Phil P who is the national database Registrar for the CCOA.

Please include info like color& options, and area last seen.

68 XR7 GT 390 4sp maroon in color was sold back in the late 70s in Bucks County Pa. Looking to see if someone has it or if someone knows if it wracked and junked I sold it becouse of getting married and having kids regreated it ever since bin looking for information for a long time I can only go by the vin number I have on thre Title