Interior Items

Looking for a grade A pair of ‘68 a pillar pads in dark green. Also would love to have a dark green shifter handle. A cracked one is ok as long as I could repair it. Trying to match an original interior so I don’t really want to dye or paint anything. Let me know if you can help.

Shifter handle found. Will probably be adding more to this as I sort through things.

In search of ‘68 red bucket seat upholstery for repairing a seat. It needs to have the vinyl portions intact to replace damaged ones. My originals are comfort weave and in pretty good shape except the driver seat.

Shameless bump

Found another item for the list. XR7 driver side armrest in dark red. Some separation is ok just no holes or splits.

XR7 console pad in red. Mine has a pretty significant split that I don’t think I can repair.