intermittent wiper govenor

Does anyone repair the controller box.

sorry, for 1970.

I don’t believe Ford offered the intermittent wipers in '70 cougars. Is the box located on the firewall or under the dash? Might be an aftermarket unit. You can take the intermittent wiper assemblies out of other late 70’s and early 80’s Fords and install them in the Cougars. Pics might help.

Yup, they were an option in 70 for $25.90. Controller box is located on the drivers side upper firewall.

WCCC cougar has a used (tested ok) in stock. I just put it in stock so it will show out for a day or so.

Learned something new today. Then again I might have mixed it up with the speed control option. Thanks.

Speed Control was discontinued after 1969, so that may have been what you were thinking of.

And I didn’t know that about the speed control option. Always more to learn, and this is sure a great place for that!

Thanks Mistress, got it in my grimy little hands.

Thanks Mistress, got it in my grimy little hands.