Interpreting Deluxe Marti Report

Am I correct in assuming my car is 1 of 966 built?
On a side note - its interesting to know that the car was originally sold at a dealership in Burbank CA, 7 miles from where I’m at.

Depends on how far you want to break it down. Its one of 966 painted Onyx with black crinkle vinyl bucket seats. No doubt the number of those with 289-4V, automatic, power steering, etc., is a much smaller number.

BTW, this would be a cool accessory for your car. Seller is ridiculously proud of it though.

Am I correct in assuming my car is 1 of 966 built?
Yes, but the Elite report would break it down further. Just remember when reading the report always start out as Marti stated he did the breakdown. In your case: “1967 Cougar two door hardtop”.

Yes it is one of 966 built in the identical black interior trim and black exterior color combination. There would have been of course another amount of black 1967 Cougars with either of the other two (more if you include Comfort Weave materials) black standard interior choices. And there would of course be still more black '67 Cougars in each of the XR7 / black interior combinations.

Oh I see. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll dig further. I’m going to buy the “cougar by the numbers” book.

Wow that license plate frame is a great find! My cougar has a 60’s era USC Trojans plate frame and faculty parking stickers dated 6-30-74

Damn, I must have misunderstood. I had the impression the elite report was mostly cosmetic. Hoping I can break it down further by using “Cougar by the Numbers” .Thanks for the info.

Right, that makes sense… def going to have to dig further.

It looks like 3266 standard Cougars had the black paint code. That would included any other interior options for a standard Cougar IMHO. In any case, the black / black color combination is far more popular today than it was when your car was new. Car buyers today do not want cars that have colors, they want non - colors like black, white, silver or gray. Value and rarity don’t normally equal one another.

Also keep in mind that Marti offers a Personalized Statistics report for about $60. That is the section of the Elite report that breaks the car down to “1 of 1” (usually).

One thing to keep in mind on the Statistics section of your Deluxe report is that each line is individual, and only pertains to the year / model at the bottom of the box - in your case '67 Cougar 2-door Hardtop (i.e. Standard model hardtop).

The cool thing about the Personalized Statistics report is that he will basically combine the data from those lines, engine + transmission + color + trim… and then take it further, adding in individual options until he reaches the most-unique combination possible.

I kinda hold the opinion that color combination is secondary to things like body style, engine, and transmission. When I see a seller on eBay brag that his car is 1 of 966 and he’s talking about the trim combo, I roll my eyes.

Diego, that is an understatement. All those eye rollers seem to get religion when it’s their car though. It’s a hobby not science.

Now, you might roll your eyes at quoting the stats, but we all know that color combination is important to a buyer. Yes, it is usually secondary to body style (or Eliminator Option, if you will), or engine and transmission, but a lot of times it is still very high on the list.
I hear a lot of things like “I’m looking for a Boss (or CJ) Eliminator”, and it has to be Comp Blue or Comp Green, or it has to have a White interior, or it can be any color except yellows or oranges. Sometimes they SAY they just want a particular color, or engine, or trans, but in reality they have a particular build scheme in mind and the car can’t deviate too far from that mental image or it’s a no go.

Yeah, we all take ANY of the stats quotes with a grain of salt, and usually it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things either, since people want what they want, no matter how many were built - or how many actually survive today (numbers we can only guesstimate).

This is not judgment on the OP, mind you, but the standard generally is year/model/bodystyle/engine and maybe tranny.

Once I saw a “1 of 52” on eBay—it was for the DSO. THAT’s a real eye-roller.

Yeah, the Boss 429’s seem like they are often broken down by DSO or dealer in order to get them to “1 of 1”.

I generally go by Year / “Eliminator Option” / Engine / Trans / Paint / Trim. But I only look at Eliminators, so my scope is pretty narrow. Also, folks like to know “how many like mine were built?” Well, how much like yours? I think it is going a bit far to put stock in exact options, but to look at paint and trim colors on top of the engine and trans… well, that would be a car that for all intents and purposes “is like yours”, IMO.
I imagine if you query the Hemi Cuda guys they might do something similar ~ counting them all the way down to Paint & Trim?

For Mopars, you can find out things by option, but not in combination. So a Hemi’cuda hardtop can be determined, and a purple 'Cuda can be determined, but not both.

Yet it doesn’t stop people from doing that.