Introduce Myself

Happy New Year,

Just recently joined the site. I am known as Lord Lucas and my Wife and Daughters are know as my Leadfoot Ladies. I have a standard 1967 with many modifications and my wife has a 1968 gt xr7 390, Her car is running dual carbs and she does the work herself on her car, My engine is a 289 all roller motor- likes high rpms 7500+ rpms. My wife and I met in 1987 due to our cars- met a a cruise night in San Mateo, Ca. Our life has been about our cars and now with our beautiful daughter being 16 will be looking to also put her in a Cougar.
I had sold my vehicle many years back and regreted it every minute. After not having the car for 15 years it took me 5 years to find it and now have my vehicle back. If anyone tells you that you spend more time with the car then them, it is time to kick them to the curb- this from experence. I am trying to learn this site, but have been unable to find how to add pictures and a profile picture. Would love to share some pictures of our cars. Looking forward to using this site often.

Lord Lucas and his Leadfoot Ladies

The curb… the curb. Hmmmm… what is this “curb” you speak of?

Look all the way down at the bottom of the board index page. Many of the instructions are there on how do pics, vids, etc…
Lord leadfoot? Why does that name conjure up a picture of a short stocky fellow with a black tophat, a black cape and a handlebar mustache?

Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community! Below is the link that tells you how to post pictures like 68CatFan metioned.

How to post pictures

Welcome to the site! My wife and I each have an XR-7 GT. Mine is a '67 and hers is a '68 that’s awaiting restoration. I look forward to seeing pictures of your Cougars.

Welcome Leadfoot to CCC! Look forward as well to seeing both your cars. For posting pictures, I use

Thank You for all the help guys. I will work on this when I can, Just not to computer swavey. And not I am not Short or Balding. Now the cape that is another thing, how did you know??? :dogpile:

Yes, but do you wear a monocle? All the cool Lords have monocles…

Welcome and on this site the photobucket works the best unless they have made changes. A little of a pain but worth it once you get the hang of it.
Look forward to your pictures sounds like a interesting cat.

welcome to CCC. Lots of members on here that enjoy helping members.

Welcome to CCC Leadfoot! I am fairly new here too.

welcome indeed!

So Lord, do you know the Earl of Obe?

Duke of Earl?

Welcome to the madness LLF!
Youll find all types in here and were all willing to help out - either with the car or your mental health.

Welcome! About time we picked up another colorful member… Gets kind of dry when all the old foggies just sit around and do things like debate the markings on the head of the screw on a 68 1/2 rear window defog switch.

What? No good?

I myself have always felt that this sort of discussion falls into the “stimulating intellectual discourse” category.

Oh, and we are “fogey’s”, not “foggie’s” although since we Can’t Remember Sh!t (CRS) guess we do in fact tend to be a bit “foggy” on things.

This lame attempt at humor brought to you by your friendly neighborhood ECI (East Coast Idiot - for the uninitiated).


This is Awesome. This is the type of crew that I like. I am trying to be a big part of the Stray Cat’s Cougar Club. We are working on a Facebook page right now. I am going to see If I can figure out the pictures tomorrow. I think you will really enjoy the pictures of our cars. I this this may work?? Here is a Youtube of my wifes 390 dual Carb Starting.

Hope This Worked-If not the label is Cougar Purring… Lord Leadfoot

With a little help from your friends…

The dual quad set up on the 390 is very cool! :thumbup: I also like the Mercury script valve covers. What did they come off of originally?