Is this a good price for 69 Eliminator that needs work?

I am going to look at a 1969 Cougar Eliminator that is listed on craigslist. Here is the post:

Does anybody know if this is a good deal, based on the amount of work the cat needs?

I am new with Cougars and could use some advice.

Fran Long

Hello Fran and welcome to the site!

I exchanged some email with the seller last week asking him for some info and if it was a factory Eliminator.

He told me: “I do not have a marti report for the car and after talking to some people it looks like it is not a factory eliminator. Looking at the prices of the other cougars on this site I think the my asking price is with in range considering the money that was invested in the motor, tranny and rear end. The motor has very low miles on it because it sat for years after being restored. Unfortunately it sat outside in the environments had a lot of the restoration got destroyed mainly the interior. The body is in very good shape only had minor rust spots. There is no rust underneath the car. Floor pans trunk all that is solid. I don’t have any other pics of the car, just let me know what you want to see and I can go take some.”

If you want to do some basic homework on “is it real or not”, be sure to check out the Eliminator Registry website, here:

If you read through thier site a bit you can learn how to tell if a Cougar is definitely NOT an Eliminator. Using that knowledge, if you get a VIN number and door tag codes from the seller, you should be able to make an educated guess.
If you are still not sure, then order up a Marti Report on the car’s VIN (a well-spent $17 to save you future head/heartaches) and it will say “Eliminator Option” if the car is a real factory Eliminator. Mr. Marti’s website is here:

9F91H561149 called the day it was listed. He knows better and was going to revise the listing.