John Baumann’s GTE R Code

Up for sale on Hemings.

Not sure if this time of year is the best time to start the auction but hope for the best results.

Have a look at the Hemming’s video of this beautiful car, and then you can appreciate the first posted comment made by “LorenM” !

For sale here now.

Come on Power-Ball…

I thought it had sold but now it pops up again with a much lower price?

I’m at the point in my Cougar hobby that I am asking what would I do with that museum piece? I’d spend stupid money (risk divorce) on a similar but dinged or modified street-ready racer that I could bang around in, but in no way can I wrap my head around spending that kind of money on a car I can never drive. The video showcasing the car when it was first posted for sale was mocked, and really struck me when I realized the mockery was justified. This machine was built to roar down the highway but has been relegated to puttering along around a curved private drive hoping for a buyer who will put it in storage for another 50+ years.

It needs to go into a museum. None of us who would love to own that car have a museum or the intent to own one, so it’s a car without a buyer.

Still listed on Hemmings too…

I don’t see any reason not to drive it. Might be prudent not to drive it like you stole it or not use it as a daily. But it’s not a multi-million dollar Ferrari.

Sorry about the tone. Not sure what my problem was, or even is. It’s a gorgeous car, and you’re right, it should be driven at least a bit around town and shown whenever possible.

You can, and people do, spend $100K+ on a new pickup - and I bet they wouldn’t baby it.

If you want a beautiful, turn-key CJ XR-7 GT-E, I don’t know how you can beat this one!

Car was sold last week.

Still on Ebay…

Article in Hemmings