Leaky Carb and Stripped Threads...

Hey Fellahs,

So I took the cat out for a shake-down cruise, so to speak. Got home and it smelled filthy with fuel ~ found ALOT of it pooled up in the intake channels between #3 & #4 / back passenger side of the carb.

After poking around a bit and testing / tightening up various screws, I found the connection for the fuel line to the rear of the carb (secondary bowls?) was loose. Tried to tighten and no go… crap! Pulled off the fitting and found a bunch of gray crumbs in the threads… double crap!

So I can still see and feel the threads inside the rear carb connection and the fitting will finger tighten, but that’s about it.

Is there anything I can use on the fitting threads (like teflon tape, or something else) to “get me by” until there is money in the budget again?

Gas will eat out the teflon tape. You can try JB Weld in the threads and either bottom tap it when cured or run the fitting in while it’s wet. After it cures back it out and clean the threads with a bottom tap, put a little sealant on the threads and screw it back in. Good luck. Be sure to clean out the fitting before you crank her up.

I presume this is a Holley 780? Once the threads have stripped its very hard to make them stop leaking where it would be safe to drive without fuel pooling in the intake and subject to fire. Looking at Ebay there are several vendors that have replacement bowls for around 25.00.

X 2, been there done that.

Don’t fool around with a leaking carburetor, replace the bowl.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help.

Carb is a factory Holley 4150 / 735cfm (turns out is is not the original). I’m not sure what part number I should be looking for to get an identical replacement. I know it is vacuum secondary, and I think it is center hung. I think the original finish was dichromate, so I’d like to stick with that too.

BTW ~ I have a Holly List 4514-1 (D0ZF-AB) Carb, but I can’t find it in any of the “compatible” lists for parts. How do I know what parts will work with what I have?
I even tried searching the Holley site and got nuthin’ :-/

Are all parts for a 4150 carb compatible between all the different models?

I really dont’ want to buy something and then find out it is not going to work, but I need to buy something to fix the issue.

*Ok, after googling around a bit and reading a ton of threads on the 428CJ forum, it sounds like if I want a correct part then Carl’s Ford Parts is the place to get them.
Gonna start with 3 Bond and go from there.

Thanks All!

Mike I think this is what you were looking for … http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/d0zf-9510-ab.html

Maybe so :slight_smile:

I think if I’m going to go that route though, I’ll just replace it with the correct -AA carb. For now, I’ll settle for a repair.

Begging your pardon, but you’re nuts if you try to run that car with a bodged together secondary bowl thread. This is how cars get burned to the ground and sent to the bone yard.

What Andy said. You have got to buy a used bowl (or new) and avoid something which could potentially burn to the ground what you spent so long looking high and low for.

Even if a Holley 4150 replacement bowl would not be technically correct (I don’t know that it would or would not), it is a small price to pay. So small in fact that the “until funds permit” argument is ridiculous.

I hear ya, fellahs, and I was thinking that same thing. The other night our garage spring broke and shook the whole house and the first thing I thought was “holy crap! My car blew up!” LOL! (I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was scary).

Really all I want to repair it for is so that I can run it temporarily, so that I can check timing and a few other basic tune items. No driving plans. In fact, I was thinking about suspending the insurance on it (except comprehensive, of course) while I do basic maintenance / repairs. I’m really not keen on changing / rebuilding the carb before I have a chance to at least see where the timing is set. With my luck, I’ll rebuild the carb and then won’t be able to get the car running again… and then I’ll be “that guy” with the old car rotting in the garage :frowning:

I feel your pain, man.
The economy has me on lockdown as far as doing much car related right now.

I tell everyone with a rare classic who will listen that they should have a set of spare parts to keep their car going.
This includes at least 1 spare carburetor, even if it’s not the factory correct model. So, this is what I’ll relate to you now.
You can buy a spare carb from someone feeling the post-xmas crunch via a site like eBay, racingjunk.com, or call Don at WCCC and ask if he has any 4150 pattern carbs on the cheap. I bet he has a stack of them and would sell you one for less than you think.

Also, don’t be down on yourself about keeping the car running. A carb rebuild shouldn’t consign the thing to garage potato status.
You can do eet! If you have to, flog some stuff on eBay or have a garage sale. Clean out the attic!

Garage potato! LOL! good one :slight_smile:

A co-worker of mine gave me one of his “junk Holley” carbs for me to practice on. Very nice of him!
I have been doin some eBay stuff to raise some funds, so I gotta watch how I spend that too. Problem with ebay is for every one thing I sell I see 2 things I want to buy.

Thanks for the tips about spares and carbs, I appreciate it!

BTW ~ how the heck do you figure out which carb rebuild kit you need? I put in my holley numbers and get 5 different kit part numbers :-/

I have a 428CJ carb D0ZF-9510-AB, LIST-4514. I know this isn’t “correct” for my 4-speed car, but it is what’s on it right now.

Mike is the carb a double pumper? Most Holley kits are universal . The diffrence is the power valves,accelerator pumps and needle and seat assemblys.

The list number is really all you need to get the right kit.
The standard 4150 kit will give you the parts you need to tear down and reassemble. The hard part is getting all the passages clean and free of debris, and making sure the jetting and nozzles are the right parts for the engine/trans.

Go through that spare carb and see what happens. :beerchug:

“Garage Potato” is a term I learned from racer, philosopher, and forum user Art. :dance:

I talked to a technician for the company that offers the Holley rebuild kits. I asked why I couldn’t find the Holley list numbers stamped on my OEM Ford Holley carburetors. Stating that they were omitted from their data base for selecting the ‘correct’ Holley rebuild kit. His simple answer was: “Those Ford numbered Holley carburetors, which were manufactured by Holley, were not off the shelf Holley carburetors. They were designed for specific Ford engines and applications and those changes are proprietary to Ford.”
His recommendation was the Universal Holley rebuild kit 3-422. http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com/100022532.html