Left Rear Quarter Window Issue

When I purchased a 1968 XR-7 the quarter window will not work. After getting access I see that the roller is completely out of the channel. How do I get it back in?

The plastic rollers often come off because the axle is rusty. I have had good luck removing the window regulator, filing the axle until it is clean all around, then applying grease before reinstalling the plastic roller and the regulator.

Sometimes you also have to bend the arm straight as they are easily bent.

I should have been more clear. The roller is fine and connected to the arm, bot it is out if the channel.

Well it is likely out of the channel because something is wrong. I would take the regulator out and replace the rollers. Grease everything. The factory originally used a white lithium grease but vaseline would work too. While you have it out you can see if it is bent - it likely is.

To add to that, the grease in the tracks is likely original and over time gets hard and sticky. You might have to remove the track and use solvent to remove the old grease then relube. Installing new grease over the old will likely not work.

Yup - new grease over the old can make things even more sticky. Remove rails and clean all surfaces with solvent (requires Q-tips) and regrease. Sil-Glyde in a tube is another option for grease. When you re-install everything, follow the shop manual procedure for window alignment.

All great advice. Normally the parts are rusted terribly and I have to bead blast and paint everything before it can be put back together.

No grease issues, no roller problems, no rust anywhere.

Is the window binding anywhere going up and down? in the channel or seals?