Long time lurker

Hey guys, long time lurker here, finally able to search for a Cougar! Chad’s the name, if you hadn’t figured it out. Just wanted to drop a quick hello. Searching for a plain ole vanilla Cougar, nothing super special, as I plan on modifying it along the lines of Wildcat/MaxEffort(those things are AMAZING). Oh, and Interceptor…

So I’ll be hanging around, speaking up more, now that I’m “on the prowl”!!! (hahaha)


Welcome and good luck in the search! Finding a base level Cougar shouldn’t be too hard. You’re located in a good part of the country to find survivors.

Welcome to the CCC. You might be interested in reading my road racer build. https://cccforum.discoursehosting.net/t/a-pair-of-sevens-and-a-1-2/1073/1

Welcome to the madness!

Catvert- Thanks! Hopefully something will surface soon. Saw one a few years back at a local show that I loved, but owner wasn’t interested in selling.

BossElim- Thanks! I’ve browsed your build for the racer during my lurking. Wow. Would you move to this area to help? Ha.

Relentless- Thanks! Perhaps you might mean sickness? HAHA

Welcome. You’re just down the road… There are a few cats lurking around NM that a few people might be interested in selling… I can think of a few but none of those are in working condition, so this is definitely a good area of the country to find them. Just depends on the type of condition you’re after…

Hey Chad - Welcome to the hang! (Couldn’t resist - great handle!) Cougars are kitties - one will adopt you when you least expect it!

Another Okie?? WOOWOO!!! Welcome aboard, Chad!

Thanks mo2872! We’re not too far away from each other. I’m just north of you up in the Oolagah/Talala area. Looking at your posts/photos, YOU’RE the guy I saw at Hogs and Hot Rods! I offered to buy your car!

Wow, no kidding? Sorry for the delayed response, but I’ve not had much time for the Cougar, the forums, etc. Contemplating many changes in my life at the moment, and some of them include the time spent with The Heap. You’re welcome to come check out The Heap, and the House of Heap any time, since we’re practically neighbors and all(by Oklahoma standards…anything within 20 mile is “neighbor”…). Heck, hit me with your best shot, The Heap might become yours.

Hey, that sounds great. I’ll PM you!

PM sent! :beerchug:

You’re not allowed to sell yours before I sell mine!

but… i don’t want to sell mine

Wait, who’s on first again?

And replied to.

Good luck in your search!
I drove 6 1/2 hours each way to look at a 67, the pictures the guy was sending were the actual car, a few years ago, BEFORE he made the not so wise decision to park it in his front yard, in Illinois.
So, the search continued and I found my 68 base model on Craigslist Phoenix and had it shipped to Just outside of Chicago where I live, the bad news is that it cost additional $$$ to have it shipped to me, the good news is that it has been a desert car it’s whole life so it is really solid as far as the frame and body go, I am sure this will more than outweigh the shipping cost in the long run.

Are you finally going to pursue your dream of becoming an adult film star? :licka: