looking for a cougar. need advice. what's this one worth??

well I might get kicked out by saying this but I’ve always wanted a 67 mustang but after looking around for the past month I decided the cougars seem to be the better buy. what kind of offer would you shoot this guy? what did you pay for a similar car?


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I’m confused by the pic of the gas tank. Both by the wires hanging down and whatever is going on with that bar under the leaf springs.

I dig the color and that he added the hood scoop and rear spoiler.

If I were considering buying it I would want to see it in person, or at the very least see some highly detailed pics of the “holes” in the trunk. That could make a pretty big difference in what I was willing to pay if I was gonna buy it, or if I was even going to consider buying it if the holes are pretty bad. With trunk rust I would make sure to check the trunk area by the bottom of the rear window, that can be a really bad news issue.

No worries about mentioning mustangs, it was a series of searches for a 60’s mustang that resulted in me first learning cougars even existed. Couldn’t be happier with my 68. And I have the old mustangs to thank for introducing me to their way hotter cousin, the cougar.

As far as price goes, others will have way more informed opinions. But if I was in the market for a 69, and if the holes in the trunk aren’t a big issue, I personally would be okay paying his asking price. So I would probably offer him like $1500 less than that, and hope to get it for maybe $500-750 below what he’s asking.


You need to request some more pictures inside trunk area and floor pans. Looks like some rust issues on top of the fender aprons as well. needs paint, new top, but the interior looks really nice, and see if he has receipts to verify the motor rebuild. Being a standard I think $4,500 would be a good price. I would look at it in person before buying this one especially to check the vinyl top for rust issues. The lines hanging down in back looks like air lines for air shocks. The Mustang scoop looks out of place on a Cougar, and this one has been for sale on Craig’s list for awhile.

“Wires hanging down” are air shock lines and the bar under the leafs are cheapo traction bars.

You can see that this car was somebody’s baby once. Not bad actually but then I may be a bit prejudice given the year and color scheme…

Don’t worry about the coil of plastic tubing, that is the excess line from the air shocks. The rust blisters at the top of the aprons is common in your region and easy to fix. What he is trying to say is it is a Sport Special but it is missing the ultra cool Rocker Mouldings. I wouldwatch this video but you did the most important thing, you stopped by here to ask opinions, Welcome!

Wondering what exactly he tried to say and how you know it is a SS? Ejumacate me, will 'ya?

That’s not an Eliminator hood scoop.

He called it a “Spring Special” when I think what he meant to say was “Sports Special” that was a mid year offering. The “Springtime Special” was a mid year offering of the 1970 Torino. Notice it does have the DS sport mirror with painted base as found on a Sports Special.

LOL, I did see that but figured this just meant he has been trying to sell it since spring, never thought of it possibly meaning SS (and I still have lingering doubt, but whatever!). Thanks for the explanation!

I don’t know, but it almost looks like those mirrors have the wrong bases and are mounted low on the doors.

Might want to check on this one as well.


Good eye! Looks like 1975ish Ranchero Mirrors!

well boss that certainly is a nice cat but i don’t have that kind of money. a wanted a small project car i can finish and someday get to look like that one. which brings me to my next question.

i was originally planning on putting a 351w into a mustang before i found out that these cougars came with a 351w. how does the edelbrock top end kit work on these cougars? i noticed they have a 9 inch unlike the mustang 8 inch. what tranny are in most of these cars. im assuming a c4 behind the 351w?

My 69 has the 351W with an FMX auto.

It’s only got the V4, I prefer the V8.

FMX isnt a popular mustang tranny. is that known to be durable like a c4 or toploader?

The Mustang and Cougar came down the same assembly line, so year-for-year (with one notable exception), they had the same V8 engine options. The Mustang, of course, could have 6-bangers but not the Cougar. Also, in '68 the Cougar was available with the 427 (the W-code GT-E option) which the Mustangs didn’t get.

So a '69 Mustang could be had with a 351. My 69 Mustang convertible was a 351 car. I’m not trying to dissuade you from a Cougar; just noting that the Mustang also came with the 351.

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lol what???

Mid 4’s to mid 5’s seems reasonable. Unless there are some cruchy spots under the vinyl. Also depends how it runs.

I miss the days of the 1200 dollar Cougars.