Looking for Cougars for MCACN

Hi…former Mustang Monthly [RIP] editor Rob Kinnan and I are looking for several Cougars to host in a Cobra Jet display at MCACN in November to coincide with the introduction of our Cobra Jet book (don’t want to be shameless, so not posting it here :smiley:) that comes out this month.

So you may wonder, “Why don’t you get one of the cars from the book?”

And that’s a fine question, and here’s some answers:

  • Car pictured is from CA, which is a big hike to the Land of Lincoln
  • FL owner doesn’t want to bring his juicy Competition Blue 429 car
  • Have a name of the TX owner of the yellow GT 429, but no contact info
  • etc.

Hence this post!

Here’s what we are looking for–two cars:

  1. 1970 Cougar with 428 CJ (non-Eliminator)
    Honorable mention: 1969

  2. 1972 Cougar GT with 351 CJ
    Honorable mention: 1971 Cougar 429…well, not really honorable mention, but prob equal to a 1972 GT with CJ. Prob will be easier to find but less gee-wiz.

Do you own one of these cars in “presentable” condition? We’d like to talk with you…thank you!


“The Brothers” usually bring a transporter full and they now own my 71.


Thanks for your response.

Has this car been to MCACN before? I know a whole load of blue ragtops were built, so it’s hard to keep track.

And if not, how do I find a contact for the collectors?

You don’t know the TX owner of the yellow GT that used to be in AZ?

I have a 71 xr7 429 CJ hardtop but I’m pretty sure it’s not nice enough for MCACN… I am from the Detroit area. Great show that every enthusiast should attend at least once!

We are going for a decent representation of cars for 1968-74, but can only show 12 of them.

One of the cars has been in a barn and is currently receiving a repaint. It’s not going to be perfect, so you may not have to worry. Want to email me a few pics that I can go over with the promoter to see? diegorosenberg (at) me (dot) com

Diego, I’ll send some pics tomorrow. I bought it last year from the original owner… it was repainted in the early 80’s, I would call it a 20 footer.

Sounds good–thanks!

Do you have a 68.5 car for the show?

MASCAR will have one in their own display.

The Colson Brothers are on the MCACN roster as they bring several cars each year and to my knowledge this is not one of them.

Diego, sent you an email with pictures of my 71…

sent you a p m

FWIW, haven’t received an email from Jim, and already sent a reply to bigbadblue428.

Sent you a pm Diego

Replied to the PM.

Hi . . . still on the hunt for two CJ Cougars!

Hi . . . still on the hunt for these cars.

I have an open mind so feel free to throw something at me for consideration:

  • 1968 “135” Mustang 428 CJ
  • 1968 Comet/Montego/Cyclone or 1969 Comet/Montego (gotta really try hard to convince me on '69 Cyclone) 428 CJ
  • 1970 Shelby GT500 (we may not have enough room for this, but I’m throwing it out there)
  • 1970 Cougar 428 CJ that’s not an Eliminator
  • 1971 Cougar 429 CJ or 1972 Cougar 351 CJ (would be sweet if the latter was a GT)
  • 2000-era Mustang CJ race car

Thank you!


I’d love to send mine there for a slot in the “crusty gems” section, LOL!

You would be my first go-to guy.

Y’know, I may consider an Eliminator if it’s a special-order color car. Any CJs that aren’t black that are in nice condition?

While I have a CJ non eliminator Cougar; it does nt fit what your looking for. It is in parts. Good luck finding one.