Looking for info on a 428 CJ Air Cleaner

I’ve got an old CJ air cleaner kicking around but wanted to know some more information about it. I looked over the part but could not find any part numbers. Are there any? Any way to find out what year it is and what kind of car it came off of? Is this the original ram air rubber seal? Any other information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Try this website


Looks like a Cougar seal - is it chromed? Mike

Thanks for the link. I will have a look see and try and figure out more information on it.

With regards to the seal, I don’t know if it is cougar specific or not, from what I have been told from the previous owner he took it off a 1968 Cougar, but who really knows. Yes it was chromed by the previous owner so now you got me thinking maybe that’s why I can’t see any part numbers.

In theory, chroming it should not obscure any stamped part numbers. Regardless, nice piece there and regardless of what it goes to it should be worth some scratch I’d imagine. One could always paint over the chrome if prepped properly, the big buck crowd (AKA the concours crowd) would want it to appear as it did originally.