Looks like MCnet site crashed

Or was, seems to be working now, sort of.

wasn’t me

Sure, sure…that’s a new milestone for you, JB…self-punting a whole site… :clap:

That’s my story, and i’m stickin’ to it!

If a tree falls in the woods… blah, blah, blah…

Ed Zachary.

I know what it was. When the last person left they turned off the light.

It was Nopi. They’re pissed cause no one will buy their crap.

OH…so that’s what that switch was for… :cyclops:

Seriously, what kind of MOOK tells the people that breathe life into a site like that “If you dont like it, find someplace else.” Probably the best advise given over there in the past 12 months.

might have been one of my several under cover alter ego user id’s.

I’m tellin’ Mom!!!

What ever it is it seems to still be happening. At least for me, when I try to get the forums to load, the site doesn’t respond. Bob, have you spoken to the fearless leader (Helena) over there?

Surely you jest. I can try, but don’t hold your breath for a response…

maybe the ballast is out - or going…kind of like when the florsent lights flicker just before the whole thing goes…

Does anyone smell Waffles?? :think:

Sorry to say that an opinion that I expressed some time ago still appears to be the case, the bulk of activity still by far is over there. Guess we could make the quality of content argument, but just sayin’

Seems to have just locked up again.

Yep, noticed the same thing here just now. What will the paying sponsors Nopi and Carid think about this? :buck: