Lucas Lamps

Are these correct lamps and if so what is a fair price to pay for them?

No, but fairly close. $250 to $350.

You will not be able to use the covers but you can get about $90 per pair on ebay for them which will offset the price you pay. You can get deals on these on ebay UK, cost about $45 to ship but on average they sell about $125 cheaper.

Thanks for the information!!

I paid $65 for the pair off of the Cougar Swap Meet a couple of months back. For my Top Cat project I made my fog lamp buckets 7 1/2" wide and the covers will work but sliding them on and off is tight with clearance.

Can’t tell from the pic but true concourse correct Lucas Square 8 fog lights for the 1968 XR7-G should have bodies that are all chrome (no black plastic backs), say “ENGLAND” on the lens and have the small, black, donut shaped grommets in the body where the wire comes out.

Later, around August of 1969 Lucas switched from the black grommet to a cone shaped grey grommet because the black ones were not watertight and let water into the bodies when they were hung upside down (with the grommets facing up) on the XR7-Gs.

The lights were right side up on pedestals on the '68 Shelbys but were going to be upside down, below the bumper like the Gs on the '69 Shelbys so they were made watertight.

An interesting factoid I recently learned from the Shelby crowd :beerchug:

  • Phillip