MagMustangs sponsoring Boss 429 Cougar

We are excited to announce that we are now Sponsoring the Restoration of the Fast Eddie Schartman Boss 429 Cougar currently being restored by Herzog Motorsports. You can view the progression of the build through this link.

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Not to rain on anyone’s parade but you do know that car was confirmed destroyed and this is really a tribute car right? Ed Myer has the only “survivor” and even his is a bunch of bits and pieces that he has methodically rounded up across the country.

Aww… that seems an awful lot like a rainy parade. Nice, but not as nice as a sunny parade :frowning:

The car is a Rebody Yes. As with any car that far gone it could be considered as having been destroyed but there were still bits and pieces left along with the all important VIN and title. Most of the car when finished will not be original to that particular car but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is just a tribute only. Doug has done what could be done in resurrecting the legend. Ed Meyer did spend a lot of time tracking down what could be found on the Dyno Don Car. I have spoken with Ed extensively about his car.

OK, then you are going in with yours eyes wide open. Ed knows the extensive scoop on both cars and is not a BS’er.

Yep, Ed Meyer is a true Boss 429 Historian and I trust him and what he says. It is unfortunate that these cars were not better preserved. I do appreciate what Herzog is doing with his car because otherwise the Boss9 Cougar legend would probably just fade into history. We came in pretty late in the game and are really just providing a few odds and ends to help get the car done. I will do the same for Ed if he ever decides to go at the Dyno Don Car.

it is pretty interesting - history and all though. I generally hate facebook…but things like this actually give it some value IMHO…very COOL!

This and other factors are why I’m not interested in this build anymore.

But, y’all have fun with it. :dance:

My thoughts exactly, still a nice build, But it is what it is

Good luck Andrew!
I am one who believes that rescuing a car that some people think is too far gone is a noble task. There aren’t enough of the old classics left to give up on them without trying. Isn’t that what “Donor Cars” are for? If it takes several cars to make one amazing restoration happen then so be it. Call it a restore or a tribute or whatever you want to call it, It will still be bringing an old classic back to life!

My buddy Terry’s '69 Boss 429 Mustang was rebodied - in September 1969! Built in June 1969, and promptly totalled. It got rolled, and a new OEM ‘body-in-white’ rear shell was obtained for the rebuild in September 1969. A red Mach 1 front clip was used, a blue driver’s door. Passenger door and front/rear valence panels were reused from the original. The shock towers were cut out of the original and welded to the new maroon ‘B-I-W.’ Every other bits and pieces of the original that could be transferred were transferred - shocks, springs, suspension, etc…

The car was rebuilt and campaigned as a drag car. Sometime after January 1972 the engine blew - it swallowed at least one valve and the pieces-parts flew back and forth across the 2-1/2" intake ports and punched out two combustion chambers and damaged two others. Terry bought the car, with the blown-up motor, in '79.

When Terry bought the car in '79 it had only 2600 miles showing on the original odometer! He has the all-important build sheet, VIN and KK (KarKraft) number of the original car.

Is his car ‘original’? No. But with the provenance he has obtained it still has some people willing to offer over six figures for the car as it is…

I have no idea what your attempted goal was with all that, Milo. ^

What I was getting at is that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with a re-bodied car, as long as it has been fully documented and not misrepresented as an original. The wanna-be buyer of Terry’s Boss 429 knows it is not an original, and in fact is missing some of the original expensive bits (smog system, factory air cleaner, etc), but yet he still thought enough of the ‘rebodied’ car to offer that kind of coin.

Yes, discussing rebodied cars is opening a can of worms… When a car is in an accident and needs a new front clip, is it a rebody? If it needs a rear clip, is it a rebody? At what point does replacing parts constitute a rebody? Then we get into rust repair… If you are restoring a classic convertible, but replace every outer body panel, the fender aprons, a shock tower, radiator support, inner rocker panels, rear inner and outer wheelhouses, and trunk floor, is that a rebody or a restoration?

BTW, for those of you who do not know what a ‘body-in-white’ is, it is a body shell without a serial number obtained from the original manufacturer for one of several purposes. Racing (drag or NASCAR), or even collision repair. Our one racing buddy got a '84 T-bird shell directly from Ford - no title - that he used for a drag car. Heck, the newer '05-newer are available in ‘halves’ for collision repair - the entire right or left side of the car including rear framerail, quarter panel, door framed opening (including A and C pillars) and the front framerail/strut tower. There was even one for sale at this year’s Spring Swap in Columbus.