March 2012 Ride of the Month: Joe Gallagher's '67 Standard!

In the summer of 1966 no one knew if there really was a market for a step up, luxury pony car. What every one did know was that the market would be crowed with Chevy introducing the new Camaro, and Pontiac joining the fray with the Firebird. Mercury had to put thier best foot forward, and to do that, they chose to introduce the Cougar to the world with a beautiful Polar White Cougar with blue interior. The car was an instant hit!

So it is easy to see why Joe Gallagher chose to build a car just like the introductory brochure car, and to add a few special touches to make it his own.

Congratulations JOE!

Congratulations Joe! Your car is beautiful and very much deserving of the ROTM honor!!

Bravo Zulu Joe!

Congratulations, Joe! Beautiful car.

I posted this before in the voting thread. Congratulations Joe! I really think your car is well deserving of ROTM. I nominated and voted for you before, just not this time I had to vote for my car. :smiley: I have said this before, white shows all of the classic lines that makes the Cougar so special compared to other cars of the era.

Beautiful Cat, congratulations on the nomination and the win :beerchug:

Yea, it’s a nice car, blah, blah, blah. But the guy gets on my nerves. I would have eventually thought of using 73 Mustang rear wheel mouldings on my 68 Cougar. :unamused:
Congratulations Joe.

As I jumped the gun and said on the voting thread, Congrats Joe! Love the overall impression the car makes, the AODE and what’s behind it (the controller) is awesome and the console overhead console treatment to go with it is the kind of detail that really appeals to me. Well done man!


A sweet, clean ride! Well deserved - congratulations!


Congratulations Joe, she is a beauty. :beerchug: John

Congrats Joe, very beautiful cat you have, and impressive work you have done to it :slight_smile:

Beautiful car Joe! Congrats!

Very nice, congrats

Congratulations sir!
I do have to admit i have a penchant for 67-68 cats! So far… they’re doing quite well :thumbsup:


Congratulations Joe. A very nice ride indeed.

Joe this ones for you. :beerchug:
Joe's 1967 ROTM.gif

Thanks again guys!!!

Love the signature Steven. :beerchug:

Congrats Joe!

It is a classy car. Love those pics :slight_smile:

I’m sort of partial to the Polar White too…

Congrats Joe. Beautiful car!!!

Joe, a very late but sincere congratulations SalD