Marti report!

I had the Marti report done for 70 eliminator and it turns out only one car was ordered with wire wheel covers? Lol mine. I’m thinking that would have been a ugly option on eliminator. It has the usual eliminator rims now. Do you think it’s worth finding a set.

Is it restored concours and do you plan on entering it in concours judging? Then that would be your answer on being assembly line correct.
If I stumbled upon a set reasonably priced I would pick them up to have, but my opinion is I would leave cougar mags on it.

If I was you I would hold out until a mint set popped up at a great price, nobody would ever put them on but it is a unique part of that cars history and as the years go by it may help the value to at least have them with the car. Very odd…

Thanks guys. Not sure I have even seen the wire spoke covers

Post the Marti Steve! Very interesting!!

Sorry…grammar police… Ever heard of the subjunctive in English?

Did a little more research yesterday. Was at swap meet and picked up a new 1970 cougar Feature & specification manual. Turns out the eliminator 428 came with a standard 3.50 open diff. Mine was optioned with 3.25 open. Not sure why anyone go that route. Lol. It also gives recommendations that if you go 3.91 traction lock ford stated that you would see 13.9@102 1/4 mile times. Very cool.