Medallion - Grille Center 67-68 $$$$

Hello All,
I’m in need of a NOS or near perfect Center Grill Medallion Ford part # C7WB-8B344-A
or Part of Ford assembly C7WY-8A223-A Mercury Man Head for Grille Medallion.

Willing to pay Good Money !!!

714 349-7774

That is a tough one…

Here is what it looks like.

C7WB-8B344-A is actually what I refer to as a casting number (as seen on back). The service replacement assembly Ford part number is C7WY-8A223-A.

Restored ones would pass if we only could find the Mercury man without acne.

I see your last post is several months old. Have you found your part? I may have one in my collection. I have no idea what condition it is but I’ll check if you’re still looking for one.

I just dug out the one I have. It has a couple dings in the leading edge of the edge trim, the center panel has some color fading but the rest looks pretty good. I also have one on my 67 Cougar that might not have any dings but the center panel has a lot of color fading. I could swap it for the dinged one with no problem. I’ll get pics of both tomorrow in the daylight and see i800|602|2020|6436.jpgf I can put them here.

This is an interesting post as many of us could benefit for a NOS or like new center grille emblem.

If one becomes available, please update.

Still need! It is fro the Ring Brothers build.

Hello Don, Try contacting Leonard Hull in Jackson, MI. Len normally has quite a collection of 60’s - 70’s FoMoCo NOS stock.
Not likely a bargain though. The business card that I have for Len reads: Red Barn Collector Car Parts. 517-784-4571 / 517-782-4633.

Len and I go way back… Thanks for the reminder!

Editors note: I fixed this for you. You were so close… all you need to do is to click on the CCCGallery button and then paste the picture tag in between the brackets.

If these come through, here are the pics from my edited reply above. The 2 pics of the one on my car haven’t been buffed up at all and there might be a little primer overspray on it. I’ll try to buff it up a little to see what happens. The one on the car was there when I bought it 35 years ago. If you can’t get these pics to open, you can contact me at: and I’ll send them to you that way.

Thanks for setting this up for me. I was wondering if I hadn’t posted enough to get attachments. I took some 0000 steel wool out to the car and the on-car emblem cleaned up like the extra one.

I guess my 2 medallions aren’t good enough for Adam. That’s OK because I can still stick the loose one into my box of Cougar parts.