Midlife Harness Restorations Status

Due to an impending move across country, I will be shutting down until approximately the first of 2021.
Please do not send any order in; they will be returned unopened.
Check back for when I will re-open. Thank you.

New Phone number: check website.

Where will you end up? AZ would be glad to have you.

That’s my plan. Will be going out house-hunting late next week.

I’m on my way back from Tucson and spent 3 days searching for housing that might fit my needs. Found 2 or 3, but were either in a terrible neighborhood or 10+ miles out of town with nothing nearby. I ended up finding a very nice rental property for the time being, and I hope to move there by mid-November.

The bad news: I might not have space available to have the business up and running when I finally move in and settle. I’ll know more once I’m here. I’ll notify y’all what will be happening.

The real bad news: I’ll still be here offering wise cracks and crummy advice. Sorry 'bout that…

Maybe there is something closer to Phoenix?

I for one am looking forward to it…

Housing market has been slim pickings in both Tucson and phx lately. Everything that pops up sells pretty quick and for top dollar. Tucson seems a little slower paced but not by much, has become an extension of phx it seems.

Yup, that is what I found. The listings I did end up looking at were the dregs: they had issues and thus were not snapped up the same day. One had a 7 car garage (!!!) but the house was a Frankenstein (4-5 additions/mods over the years, all on different levels) in a terrible neighborhood.

Well, I made it! Arrived Monday afternoon, movers showed up at 8AM Tuesday, and have spent the rest of the week making the house livable. Will have to get car registered, driver’s license, and a AZ business license over the next couple of weeks, then work on the garage to make it usable for wire work. Plan is to start back up Jan 1.

Good to hear you made a successful move. Great time of year to be here too!

A word on the dmv, the state just screwed it up quite a bit with a new computer system around March. It’s taking forever to get plates and tags in the mail. Some are coming wrong, without tags or even not at all. I have had issues renewing registration on all my vehicles this year and when I finally get tags it’s months later.

Don’t even get me started in commercial vehicles. It’s an even bigger headache for our fleet at work !

Congratulations on the new digs! Don’t forget to change the your forum profile description from Florida to AZ!

Good point!
Perhaps I should change the avatar from a Pink Flamingo to a Road RUnner…

I am now open for business in Tucson, AZ.

New phone number, address! Contact information at http://midlifeharness.com/contact.html

Congratulations on your successful move. I am thankful that you are able to have your business up and running. Your work is greatly appreciated.



Best wishes with the new location. Not easy to pickup and move long distance without a long disruption. Very happy with the work you did for me and I recommend other Cougar owners take advantage of your services.

I don’t think a hurricane has ever hit Tucson. You’ll be safe just watch out for the rattlesnakes. :snake:

The best thing about Tucson is that it gives me a chance to “dry” out, not that I want to, of course… :mrgreen:

My business has been down for the past 5.5 months, due to a hip replacement for both me and the wife! We’ve both doing well enough that I’m now resuming refurbishment of Ford wiring harnesses, including Cougars.
Thanks for your patience.


Glad to hear! I actually just fried my engine bay harness and had a (small) engine bay fire. Doesn’t appear to be any permanent damage to the car. Hoping the new harness I ordered fixes it. If not, we’ll be talking!

My e-mail provider is dropping support for the domain that I was using. My new e-mail address for wiring work is: