My Cat 1967 XR7 4spd, K/H brakes, 9"... 289 2v?!

Hey guys new to the forum, im 23 years old this is my second cougar, my first was a 67’ standard auto drum brake car. this car has been a friend of the family which was a classic cougar parts and car collector in southern california, and he seemed to think this car was special for some reason.So my question being… without purchasing a marti report, which I plan on doing eventually, what are the chances the car would have been equipped with a toploader, 9" and a 289 2v? appreciate the input guys!

Well I try never to say never when it comes to vintage Ford/Mercury but the chances are close to none on the 9 inch. The rest is fine. Strong chance the Marti will call out a 3 sp stick but a 4 is posssible. Good luck sounds like a fun car.

yeah, thats what i was thinking, and the car has the original am/fm sterio, console and deluxe interior… and the shift knobs original wood grain 4 spd, and the wear matches perfect to the steering wheel… everything looks correct, and i do have some old pictures of the car that shows the 4 spd knob, just not sure… and unfortunetly the family friend passed away before i took possetion of the car, id say im 99% sure on the 4 spd, but the 9" is interesting… the wierd part is it all seems original and the cars pretty unmolested… and its been off the road for quite sometime (early 70’s) it just seems odd to me to have all the cool brake/rear end tran and interior options and a 289 2v? lol and like i said the friend kept this car and an XR7-G out of all the cars he bought and sold approx 50-60 cars, and seemed to think it was special for some reason or another, guess only the marti report would tell the truth! but thanks for the input!

First off let me say welcome to the Classic Cougar Community. Second I’ve always been under the impression (and rightfully so) that all classic Cougars are special. :smiley: Yours sounds like a nice car so when you get a chance get a Marti report it’s money well spent.

Thank you sir! i am very excited to be a part of the forum, I have been into cars and racing for quite sometime! and love fords and mercurys I grew up with my mom daily driving a 1970 xr7 351w fmx. My uncle bought a 1970 eliminator boss 302 4spd off the showroom floor and currently has a 68’ xr7 4spd, and also in my stable i have a 67’ mustang gt coupe 289 4spd that i pulled from a barn when i was 15 for $1200… i am not new to the fords haha! but i appreciate the welcome and any info you might have for me! :beerchug:

Posting your VIN will get answers all of your questions.

:thumbup: ok i will do that later tonight!

7F93CXXXXXX is the fender tag which indicates 67 Dearborn, MI… XR-7, 289 CID 2V

and door tag reads 65B XR-7, M for polar white, 6A, XR-7 Charcoal Black Leather, 25F means June 25th production, DSO 52 LOS ANGELES, Axle code 0 for Open 2.79:1, Trans code is 5 for 4-spd Manual (wide ratio)

Now i get all that and Decoded it myself… but how do i go about finding out wether or not the car came with A 8" or a 9"? the 9" in the car now is open diff and i have spun it and it appears to be close to a 3/1 ratio… and appears to be original, but is there anyway besides the Marti report to determine the rear end?

Since you listed your axle code as “0” for an Open 2:79:1 ratio, I checked my '67 shop manual and it lists 2 rear axles with that gear ratio and both are 8". If you think the rear axle is a 9" that is in the car, look for a tag attached to one of the studs by the axle nuts on the carrier and post the info from the tag. BTW, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile: John

Thanks John!! Its hard to make out, but i believe this is what it reads

2.79 6JD 933

2.79 6JD 933

2.79 open ratio was not a 9 inch gear option only 8.

:confused: hmmm well im not sure what is going on then, thats what the tag reads and the car does have a 9" i know i have seen that option on other cars… not per say a cougar, so there would be no option of special order? like i was saying the guy i picked the car up from seemed to think the car was special for some reason having the 9" i guess i will just have to wait the 4-6 months for the marti report to come in. I appreciate everyones input!

The car was built with an 8 inch open based on the door tag as the 2.79 open is an 8 inch ratio. You can get a Marti Report the same day you order it online via PDF email format by paying 10 dollars extra for expedited service.

Welcome aboard! Sounds like a fun car!

Thanks for all the Love guys!! and Ok, if the car did infact come with a 8" do you think it would be more valuable to track down the correct 8"? the car does have an 11:1 306 with aluminum heads, so I guess it not being original is not a huge deal at this point lol but im just wondering what your opinion of the 9" is hurting the value of the car, not that i would ever sell… but just curious!

Welcome aboard. Do you know for a fact that the rear is actually a 9 inch? Please don’t take offense at the question, I only ask because an 8 and a 9 look an awful lot alike. I went through my high school years bragging about the 9" in my 67 until I got edumacated by a Ford guru in front of all my buddies. 'twas most embarrassing. Here’s a great site for 9 inch info:

Yeah I’m positive its a 9" i have an 8" out of my old cougar and im aware for the difference in the casting by the yoke and the shape, which is why im so puzzled, my mustang also has a 9" in it that i have put gears in and it looks identical, and no offense taken, just trying to figure out the mystery! lol

No mystery someone changed out the assembly to a 9 inch. Happened a lot often early on that is why it looks original to the car. It certainly is not hurting the value of the car and going back to an 8 inch is not going to increase the value on this particular car.

WES-1 doesn’t correspond with anything in 1967. Everything else matches up with your car.

2.79 is the axle ratio, if the . was replaced with an L it would mean that you had the Equa Lock limited slip.

6JD Means the axle was made in 1966, Month J is September, D is 4th week

933 is the plant code, all Cougars and Mustangs had 9__ axles.

Based om what the rest of the tag reads it should be WCZ-V or V1.

Since the tag is clearly for an 8 Inch, maybe they just took the tag off the 8" and stuck in the 9 inch.

Can you take a few pictures? They introduced the N version of the nine inch in late '68 maybe you got one of those.

I have been told that the difference in cost between a replacement 8" and 9" was tiny so dealers typically always put in 9" as replacements knowing they would never see the 9" come back.

I would get the back end up on Jacks and see if you have limited slip, I am betting that you do, and then count the turns to see what the ratio is.

A white '67 XR7 289 4 speed with the kind of options you are listing is pretty cool in my book: A car I would love to own.