My first Cougar (68 Std. 4 speed)

Direct 12v, but i plan to get the relay because i want some sort of security feature, and i like that you can shut off the ignition

Just got some new wheels. The shop owner didnt have any sets of center caps, so he gave me 4 different caps (mustang, merc, cougar). I painted the center on them flat black with plastidip to hold me over till i get a set of cougar or mercury man caps

Now i cant decide which color caps to get, and whether or not to paint the argent silver parts matte black. I was thinking about trying plastidip so i could peel it off if it dont like the results

I think the black would look good, add a bit of contrast to the wheels. I would probably plastidip it first though. Your car has the rocker moulding, drip rail, mirrors, luggage rack, etc. All chrome and no black trim. The silver/chrome wheels match your car very well and look really good as is.

Welcome in! I’m assuming by your screen name you live in SoCal. Come join us in the SoCal Cougar Club!
I love your car! I’m biased with the color, but 4-speed Cougars really get me going!

You mentioned you are going to replace your strut rod bushings. There was a lot of discussion on the BOSS 302 list about this a couple years ago. Strut rods were breaking with catastrophic results. Turns out people had replaced their rubber bushings with polyurethane ones. The polys are stiffer and transfer the flexing action to the rod itself, causing eventual failure. The BOSS gurus also suggest having your rods magnafluxed to be sure of their integrity.

I like the wheels as they are. I wouldn’t touch them.

Ive been lurking on your Facebook page and ive been wanting to go to a meeting, but unfortunately i have the weekend shift at work.

I actually bought some replacement rubber bushings from a local Mustang shop so im good there. Not sure where to do magnafluxing.

Updating with a few pictures after hours and hours of color sanding and polishing. Car is definitely still a 20 footer, but its looking way better than when i picked it up.

Terrific Cougar - thanks for the new pics.

Enjoy it being a “20 footer” as you don’t have to stress so much over driving it.

  • Phillip

I’m definitely enjoying it. I’ve had a freshly painted car and seeing a new nick or dent would but the heck out of me.

I’m partial to black instead of the argent, and with black caps on the wheels…here’s a picture of mine.
You also mentioned you thought she had a saggy rear end. I think the stance looks great myself.

Oh she is saggy. What you see there is the product of air shocks installed by the previous owner.

That looks great! Nice polish job, and I really like the new wheels, too.