Need 71-72 73? Hood Scoop

HI All

I’m putting Ram Air on my 71 Base model, flat hood. I need a factory scoop. Any color is ok, but if it’s white, that would be even better yet.

I’m not a Cougar expert…71-72 for sure…is 73 the same?



Hello Gerard,

The 71 429 Ram Air Cougar used a hood scoop that was similar (but a little different) than the 69-70 Eliminator scoop. If you are unable to locate the OEM 71 scoop for your Cat, and would consider opting for the 69-70 scoop, I have a used one available. For more info or photos, you can contact me by e-mail or cell phone: (765) Six, Six, One - Three, Zero, Seven, Eight. Thanks.

71-73 would all be the same.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95