New transmission?

So, my 68 xr7 has a 3 speed automatic and has given me nothing, but trouble. Is there a recommendation for a good 4 or 5 speed automatic replacement? If so, where can I buy one? I’m sick of transmission issues and just wanna be done with it all.

It’s way to early for me to recommend something but there are a few options maybe…and my comments pertain to a 390 FE. :smiley:

Have a 4 speed non-eletronic AOD installed. There are a few write ups around about this. I’ve seen one AOD installed in a 67 Cougar in person. That gentleman said that he had to pull the whole engine, bolt the trans to it and install the assembly. I believe you can go to a later AOD with electronics and gain a lock up converter. A new transmission mount, adaptor plate kit, new converter, new shifter and driveshaft.

A C4 or C6 can have a Gear Vendors added to the back of it making it effectively a 6 speed of sorts. C4 is more efficient that a C6. GV has some minor electronic controls. New shorter driveshaft. No option for a lock up converter but you keep your old shifter. No trans adaptor needed. GV are very pricey IMHO. They are more race stuff.

Finally I have a thread in the “Speed Shop” section. Where I am attempting to put an electronic 6R80 6 speed into my 68. Early stage though. Basically it’s a “Half Coyote” swap. This requires some reshaping of the tunnel, new trans mount, new driveshaft, new shifter, adaptor kit and electronics. Probably will need to access holes in the firewall to access the upper bellhousing bolts. Alternately I could pull the engine but don’t behave space for that now.

Hello are you coyote swapping your 68 cougar?

Hello and welcome to the club. A “half coyote” swap is what I’ve dubbed it. I am keeping the original style 6.5L 390 FE engine but using the Automatic transmission typical found in 5.0L Mustangs or F-150 trucks from 2011 to 2017. I.e. the 6 speed 6R80. Check out the “Speed Shop” section for full Coyote swap reference.