New vs Old

Yesterday I finished reinstalling everything thing I had removed to my replace my heater core. Once the passenger seat was in and since it was an unusually warm 70 degrees for March, I decided to take my 68 out for drive to thoroughly test everything. When I was satisfied I headed for home. When I was in the turn lane to my subdivision a funny thing happened. A new Rivian pick up pulled along my right side and stopped even though his lane was open ahead. The driver, a young man paused looked at my car front to back and then gave me what we all know as the “I approve head nod” before driving on.
I just smiled.

Gives me goosebumps when that happens.

Yup, one of life’s finer pleasures.

Old School Cool will always be Cool.

Love that response! I try to hand out the same kudos if I really like something I see on the road.

just reading this thread…i also acknowledge other beauties…

i was out w/ the wife one day and a gent says " she’s a beauty"…i thank him and say " the car aint bad either"…lol…he loved my response and asked if he could use that in the future…just wanted to share…

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