NOS 70 parts at auction

Anyone live near Hanley Falls, MN? Bunch of NOS 69-70 Cougar parts in a large lot. It is an online auction that ends on September 28th. Only problem is there is no shipping so counts me out. Someone might be able to get a good deal.

Wow! Certainly worth a road trip at the right price.

There are also 2 1970’s one parts car one body/parts.



Myself and Mike Barker (who lives in this tiny town of 200) are top bid on anything Cougar and decent priced. Let me know if you want me to bid on anything non Cougar or items we are not bidding on as a crate will be headed my way at auctions end. The seller owns a little repair shop in town and has a good reputation as a straight shooter and very keen on Fords.

So are the hood nose fillers and the '70 front license plate bracket already spoken for? :think:

You seem pretty confident. All it takes is one guy that wants them more than you.

And since I have to make a healthy margin, pay shipping and throw a bone to my guy handling it of course I will not get all 20 lots I am bidding on… At least I will throw a wholesale floor under the Cougar related items.


Did u end up winning this??