Not a Cougar but still a Merc

Hey folks,

I have a long time car buddy who has looked for a 72 Montego GT with a 429 for decades. I’m reaching out to the multitudes here to see if anyone knows of one that doesn’t have a tree through it or various creatures :cry: calling it home.


Just a reference, haven’t seen any turn key GT’s in awhile. Have him check the below site, not very active but its the only Montego specific site I know of.
And tell your buddy good luck, since only 202 429 GT’s were made in 72.

Thanks for the website. I received a PM saying its easier to find a GTE then a 429 M GT

This one was on Ebay last year, don’t think it sold or hit the reserve. Looks to be a fantastic build with a nice documented build history.

Thanks for the link, great looking car.

There is a 73 GT in the background in many scenes of Fantomworks.

Off topic, but I see several 1966 Galaxies, I can’t tell if they are XLs, LTDs or 7 Litres.

From what I have seen they’re 7-Litres.

Hey Jim, just ran across this one posted.

Thanks for remembering about this car. It looks great like its doing a 12 sec. 1/4 just sitting there. Maybe its one of the few 429s left. I’ll pass it on.

Yea always liked the 72/73. Even though there have been a few mods looks to be a nice factory optioned car from the Marti report.

Not a factory 429 but very good looking car and nice engine mod. Just ran across it. A tad on the pricey side for me Don’t know if your friends still in the market

A friend of mine has several, but I believe that they are earlier years. All of them are 429 4 speed cars. He also has tons of parts for these cars. His shop is Cerone automotive out of Newington CT. look it up and leave him a message.

Thanks for the tip. He has a 69 and 71 Torinos.

One of the Youtubers is fixing up a Capri that was turned into a racecar.
They consistently call it a Ford.

Since my first car was a '73 Capri I know it was sold as a Mercury and tried to correct them but they are stubborn.

Just saw this posted for Mecum Indy …