Notched Shock Towers

This is on my 67 Mustang but it is also applicable to a cougar.
I did it because I am putting in a 460.

I used the following guide that was posted on the Ford Muscle tech forum.

These are Dynacorn shock towers and don’t come with the BB reinforcement so I also added the Pro-motorsports reinforcement kit.

Sweet Ray! :beerchug:

But just wondering if Bob McMullen did anything like that on his Lima upgrade? I thought it went right in but I could be wrong.

Bob did not notch his shock towers in his Cougar.
A Lima will fit but I wanted (not needed) the extra room.
Also my mustang is a 67, his cougar is a 69. I’m not sure if he has more room between the towers.

Nice job Ray. I notched the towers on my 70. It makes access to plugs and header bolts much easier. 67-70 were the same width.

Bob’s install:

I have to say your metal fabrication looks great. I really like the Lima mod but the extra room is a plus I’m sure. There’s nothing like seeing a Cougar (or Mustang for that matter) full of Cubic Inches.
Bob’s 460 Cougar

Put the engine on the mounts (crites) today. Although I will not be using these heads, there is not much room. wish I paid a little more attention to Bob’s headers.

The metal work looks very nice, can you notch any lower than that? Seems like it would be helpful to take it lower if possible.

I went 2" above the UCA bolt holes.
I suppose I could have gone lower but I wasn’t sure if I would reduce the integrity of the towers .
Too late now anyway, I’m not cutting anymore.

Wow, that’s snug! And to think, Rktmn’s isn’t notched…(of course, he might need to pull the motor to change his plugs! )

Nice article in Popular Hot Rodding’s new issue on the lima block…makes it tempting…verrrrrry tempting…

Man thats a tight fit. Will the heads that you’re going to use give you any more clearance with the exhaust?

The plugs aren’t bad - removing the valve covers makes it much easier. I use a spark plug socket with a box end wrench for the ‘tight’ ones.

Actually, is does not look much tighter than a Cleveland in one of these engine bays…

Not sure yet.
I haven’t settled on which heads I’m going to use yet.