Post deleted

I have pulled my post, so Admin please assist in deleting the topic. The one thing that is really ashamed is that people feel the need to set in the comfort of the home, behind a computer screen and keyboard and add their opinions and comments to someone’s post when their opinions were not asked for or needed. Not sure if anyone here remembers when ads were placed in a newspaper,s and if you were interested, you called the number, and if you were not, and perhaps thought the price was too high, or the item somehow did not meet your expectations, you simply went on about your business.

Based on your description I have to wonder what’s left?

Al thank you for your comment, its really appreciated.

It wasn’t a comment, it was meant more as an inquiry. You literally listed every piece of sheet metal on the car as needing replacement, including a frame rail. I appreciate someone being so forthright, but maybe you could have responded with some positives about the car. I didn’t intend to hurt your feelings.

1943 stearman

Are you a biplane fan?

Why yes I am. Had a Stearman, and planning on selling a few cars and buy another one, or a BT-13.