Power Steering Conversion to Manual

Can the later larger drag link from say 70 and up fit the 67 ?

U can use the 70 but( I think the later models are longer) you will have to change your Pittman arm from power to manual and chance to the larger inner and outer tie-rods used in 70, I would also change the idler arm. You will need an alignment.

I’m sure there’s a kit to convert from P/S to manual that doesn’t involve changing everything. Should need a different steering box, pitman arm to drag link conversion that gets rid of the ram and control valve system and that should be about it (remove P/S pump, hoses, etc.).

He was asking about using the 70 drag link, that requires the larger tie-rods which means, yes pretty much everything needs to be changed.
Now if he wants to stay with the 67 parts , he can get an adapter to screw onto where the control valve comes off and leave everything like it is, it will be a little harder to steer, changing the steering box to non power doesn’t really help that much. All this I have done!

I had found a deal on a NOS drag link but it was a 70 that’s why I was asking, and I know about changing the pitman & idler to manual but I am keeping the power steering box.

I want to convert my steering to electric power steering and do away with the hydraulic pump and lines and slave, and attach an electric power assist motor to the column, here’s a link to one of the articles I found about how to do the conversion: http://forums.vintage-mustang.com/mod-custom-forum/670865-anyone-want-100-electric-power-steering-here-you-go.html

I just bought a steering column from a 68 Mustang to do the conversion to, and have the original to use in the mean time