Prices: Going UP!!!!!!!

Got this from Coker Tire this morning:

Dear valued customer,

Our manufacturing costs have risen substantially in the past 12 months, far outpacing anything we’ve passed on to our customers. Due to these circumstances, our products will see between 5% and 25% increases. These prices will be effective February 21, 2022. Any outstanding orders not shipped on or before March 25, 2022, will be adjusted to reflect the new prices. If you have a backorder that is not fulfilled by March 25, 2022, a sales representative will reach out to you with an updated order total.

As always, we are committed to providing you with the best service in the industry and keeping our prices as competitive as possible. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Makes me think of the Christmas story/changing a tire.

Mr. Parker:
Dadgummit! Blow out!

Mr. Parker:
Ah ha!

Not again.

Mr. Parker:
Four minutes. Time me.

Ralphie as Adult:
Actually the Old Man loved it. He had always pictured himself in the pits of the Indianapolis speedway in the 500. My old man’s spare tires were only actually tires in the academic sense. They were round and had once been made of rubber.

More customer DISERVICE!
Takes some balls to up charge after you’ve “paid in full”

Not been happy w/ Coker after they bought out “Vintage Wheel Works”, and then discontinued the product line…

Must have been a corporate write off!

Ohhhh fuuudge!

Wall Street Journal article this week:

“Prices for used cars rose nearly 41% over the past year. Here’s the list of three-year-old used cars that have surged the most in price on average.”

and… “Prices up nearly 30 percent at Arizona auctions”

What a coincidence… We have printed 40% of all currency in existence since George Washington took office since Covid. The prices have actually not gone up, the value of your currency has been debased (diluted). The sad part is the average wage earner might get a 5% raise this year. Get ready for Millennials in the street with torches and pitchforks. And then comes “The Great Reset”.

Hey Don, I bet you are right. But, hopefully that happens after Carlisle as I’ve been really looking forward to taking a break.

Diamondback is far superior quality anyway. I would gladly pay an upcharge for their product.

Interesting that some “news” outlets have had stories about a shortage of inventory causing used car prices to go up, along with the other causes. Local Carmax keeps expanding their storage lot and adding inventory.

We are all getting screwed. :slightly_frowning_face:

No the current situation has helped some people immensely. If you happen to have all your wealth stored in rental houses, and have good enough credit to refinance everything at a stupid low rate you now have 40% more cash coming in and a ton of dry powder to go buy more assets. It’s the classic case of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Your grand children have one heck of a debt to face due to all the unfunded liabilities being piled up by our government

Let’s Go Brandon!

Just stop.

Yeah, that $263 Coker F70-14 is now $295. Summit has some inventory at the old price - as in “2 left,” in the case of the redlines.

I thought they were crazy priced before. I really wanted the wide ovals for my next tire but just couldn’t justify the price for these. Oh well, very happy with the MT’s

The days of the flea market/swap meet will return.
Because of the “free” money given out during COVID, all of the money transferring or selling platforms will send out 1099’s. Yes, they did before…at large amounts sold and over an amount. Now, if you sell , or receive over $600, you will receive a 1099. I think eBay has forgotten to remind everyone yet.
This really puts used parts up in the air…to sell and pay tax…keep them forever…or go to a swap meet.
My vote is for the swap meet! Pay cash or trade!
My dad and I quit going to Carlisle about 4 yrs ago because there was little left to look at. Fewer cars for sale, parts etc. it wasn’t the same as when I was 10 and had dreams of the cars there…I skipped 2 days of school for Spring Carlisle every year. Hopefully, those days will return. I miss hearing all the lies told and just good fun.
Just my thoughts

Interesting perspective. Interest rates have been far lower than now. The current situation is they are rising. That’s not helping anyone but lenders. And the rent moratorium has made the last 2 years the worst time to be a landlord. Many of them will never get paid. Commercial occupancy is still near decades lows and lots of companies have figured out they don’t need expensive space, virtual office works just fine.

It’s not just poor people getting poorer, we all are. It just doesn’t effect rich people as much.

yup, the cost of inflation on everything from milk to gas is a bitch currently and taking more money from everyone’s pockets. If you have been established and doing well its not as drastic but those living paycheck to paycheck are in real trouble.

I think service parts have taken longer to get affected by the prices increases but we are seeing that this year for sure. If want it and see it in stock you better buy it as chances are it will be more expensive the next time you see it available.

Far lower? We are still in negative territory. If your home loan is at 5% and inflation is at 7% most folks would call that free money. Normal would look something like 7.5% 30 yr home loan with 2% inflation.

It’s definitely let’s go Brandon !!
Stupid is what stupid does !!
And if you voted for that ; do us all a favor and leap off the nearest bridge that will never be covered in the so- called infrastructure bill. !!!
We are screwed for 3 more years. !!!

This isn’t a political forum, and I don’t care to listen to these vulgar rants.