Question about '69 vs '70 details

Hey Fellas,

I have a few questions regarding details in the differences between the '69 and '70 Cougars.

  1. Seat belts. The '70 documentation indicates as new features, “3-point Seat and Shoulder safety belt restraint system”, and “New outboard locking retractors”. Did the '69 not have shoulder belts or lap belt retractors?
    Or is it simply that the shoulder and seat belt systems were REVISED between '69 & 70, and thus a “new feature” for the '70 model year?

  2. “Flow-Thru Ventilation”. Is this actually a new item for '70, or just sales pitch jargon? Is the '70 standard ventilation actually different from the '69 standard ventilation?

    Thanks in advance!
  1. '69 seat belts had dual buckles you fastened your lap belt in one buckle and then your shoulder belt got fastened to a second buckle mounted at the floor position for the front seats. '70 you attach the shoulder belt to the lap belt and then fasten the lap belt to the single buckle. Both years had retractors.

  2. The '69 does not have the vent in the door jamb area at the quarter panel.

Thanks Dave! I figured #1 was something like that, with the double belt. So '70 having a 3-point belt system would be what makes it “new and improved!”

#2 sounds like sales whoey. I wouldn’t think that door jamb vent would make the car ventilation “Flow-Thru” any better, LOL!

Thanks for the answers / clarification - I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Actually I really like the vent flow in the kick panels. It pulls alot of air through the cowl vent and without A/C I’m glad its there on those hot days.


The '69 has the kick panel vents too, but does not have the ‘Flow-through’ vent in the door jam. If we want better air flow we have to ‘crack a window’.