Question for you guys & gals

That just sucks! Sorry to hear that it is causing you and the shop so much grief.

That happened to me braking a bolt. I decided to pull the engine and cleanup the engine compartment. Had to drill it out and retap the hole. I have a brother that was a machinest.

Drivers side done. Passenger side re-paint drying after stud removal. Might be up & runni g this week! :rofl:

I have a base model 67 with a 351 windsor. After I finally got sick of exhaust leaks, I put manifolds on. They fit fine and were easier than the headers were but I dont know what they originally came from.

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Well, finally done. Should have been there yesterday but 2 of the bolts decided to cross thread. Picked up the tap i should have bought at the beginning,
i chased all the holes, tightened all the bolts and put on the starter, i also cleaned up stuff underneath while she was in the air.

Losta lessons learned along with self inflicted wounds.

Have a look.

Looks nice. What type of paint did you use?

Rustolem, high heat

Mike M.

Hey mate, Reubs from Australia here, just doing some work on my 351 Windsor and have a GT 67.
Wondering if you have any info on what I can get away with re space. Best to use original manifolds or are headers going to fit?

A '67 GT would have originally been a 390 powered car. I would keep the 390 if it were mine.

I have converted several '67 Cougars to 351W power and C4 transmission. Most of them I used these headers: Tri - Y headers