[Question] How to find what engine I have

I am a noob (sorry for anything I say that is nooby), I bought a 1967/1968 Mercury Cougar in a storage unit at auction. I am assuming the original engine was taken out at some time since there was a rusty engine and trans sitting next to the car, and in the Cougar was a nicer engine in it. The firing order is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 meaning it is one of 14 engines (255,260,289,302,352,360,390,410,427,428,429,430,460,462).

Is there a number cast into the block that will tell me what engine I have (like more modern vehicles do)?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the club!
Not know about the casting number, but if you post pics maybe some knowledgeable members here will be able to identify.
What do you want to do with this car?

I will post photos sometime today.
I need to get an oil pump and an oil pan before I can do anything (but not knowing what engine is in it makes it kinda hard to get the right pump and pan)

I am not sure what I am going to do with the car yet… I kinda like it… but it needs a lot of TLC it was sitting in a storage unit for god knows how long before I got it (long enough for one of wheels to lock up on it :sunglasses: )

Google says the intake is for a '71 302.

Like I said before, I am a noob at all of this, but is it possible to put a 302 intake on a different motor (like the 289) or would they have different bolt patterns?

289 and 302 are basically the same motor.

You need to find the casting number and date code on the block. They are on the lower block behind the starter motor. That will tell you what the block is. I’m guessing if it has a 1971 intake manifold that it’s probably a 1971 302 motor.

Oil pumps and pans should be readily available.

Is this a 1967 or 1968 Cougar?

Alright, thanks. I didn’t want to order the wrong pump and pan and destroy anything. Better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

I am not sure… I know that sounds completely weird, but there was a tote in the unit and it is labeled “68 Cougar parts”, however when I had to get a court order title the officer filed it as a 1967… so the title says 1967, however the parts that were in the tote (in the car) state it was a 1968…

I guess there was another storage unit at a different facility a month prior to this and a different 1968 red cougar went for auction, turns out both units were owned by the same owner and I had the hood to the red cougar in my unit. So the “1968” parts could have came from that car… either way the title says 1967.

Serial number should be on driver’s door, if it starts with 7 it’s a 1967 and 8 for a 1968. 1967 serial number is also stamped on left front fender support under the hood, 1968 will have a little aluminum tag lower side of windshield on the passenger side of the car. The serial number or VIN will also tell you what your original motor was.

Externally, 1968s have side lights in the front fenders and red side reflectors on rear fenders.

Hint: Type “engine casting numbers” (or anything else for that matter) in the search box on the top right of the page. Lots of good information from past queries.

Looking at the engine bay pic the shock towers have the lower wrap around support which started in late 68. However they look different, angled sides.
Maybe they were added. That vacuum valve to the right was not used in 68, at least the ones I had didn’t.

Looks a Windsor engine: coolant return hose is orientated horizontally toward the front. Cleaveland would have been orientated on vertical up.
Pretty similar to 351W.

My guess would be a 67 from the photo. It looks like an inbound vacuum line to the headlight valve, a vent line and a washer fluid line on the drivers side. The 68 would have more lines there. I would also guess it’s a 71 302, the lower radiator hose could tell more. I think in 70 they started putting it on the drivers side. I could be wrong about that but I know my 69 has it one the passenger side and if you use a later water pump it’s almost impossible to see the timing mark.

The absence or presence of marker lights on the body are a dead give away. Also, 67 will have the three-spoke steering wheel. 68 did not…