Radiator Upgrade Question

My 68 small block has the 20" bolt-in radiator. I am thinking of upgrading to the 24" saddle mount radiator when I add AC. Are the mounting holes already in the rad support for the saddles? Also, does the larger rad only come with upper passenger outlet and lower driver inlet? My water pump/rad is passenger side lower. Thanks.

Genesis auto for Alum rad 24" 3 core. About $180. Holes are already there. You will need lower brackets, rubber isolators, and upper bracket w/ isolators. Upper will need to be bent a bit to hold rad as it’s top is rounded/curved not flat/square.

I got an original repo “Spectra Premium” 3 core 24" new off Fleebay for about $260 and you will need all the brackets that Cougar Bill mentioned. It fits great in my 70 XR7 M code.

Thanks for the info. I’ll start pricing some options. :thumbup: