Random 68 cougar parts and others

351 Boss pop up pistons One is original and not useable. The other is new and us a standard bore. They would make a great trophy or paper weight. $30

Vinyl top moulding. The two side mouldings are in great shape, but the back one’s have a couple of studs missing. $75

Door edge guards for 67 and 68 in great shape, $60
I will post the price of a set of switches later.

Stainless vinyl top hold downs. These are the type that did not have the extra hole drilled in it on one end for a rivet. $60

Your air cleaner snorkle and alternator are both from 1978.

Thanks for the info. The snorkel I’m not surprised, but the alternator, that is interesting. I thought is was original to the 68 cougar I had. Good to know that it is worth less now. :smiley:

Both of the following sets of switches, are of the 68 model year.

XR7 Dach toggle switches. One of the buttons is missing. $75 for the set

Another set, missing two buttons and the nuts. $50

68 xr7 door pull backer plates that bolt to the door. $20

This is from an automatic console that has the select rod-shift indicator $10
In this lot is the Socket and wiring for the shift indicator $40
The harness is also in great shape $40
I would like to sell the whole set together if possible. for $85

351C water inlet tube. The pipe is the one the heater hose contacts to. $5

This is a new repo XR7 G mirror base. $70

I have been trying to find a reference for the part numbers for the snorkel and alternator. There is just one letter out from the 68 and 78. Other than that, it is exactly like the 68. As well the alternator part number, do you have a reference for that as well?

The snorkle part number of D8A is D = 1970 + the 8 = 1978, the A is for a full size Ford. Although Ford often used the full size part number for many lines. The alternator is D8Z which again is 1978 and the Z is for Mustang.

For the XR-7 toggle switches the shaft that the black plastic handle slides onto are different sizes between the 2 years of 1967 and 1968. If you are selling sets be sure that all the shafts in each set are the same size.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Thanks Randy for explaining that for me. I took more pictures of the snorkel and I don’t think the first letter is a “D” I am seeing a “C” the corners on the left side of the letter are not sharp like on the other “D” in the number. That would make this a 68 not a 78. Let me know your thoughts.

Here is an OEM air breather that has never been on a vehicle. It is also have for sale. The number on it is, D5TF-9600-ca Im thinking that this is a 1975 truck with probably a 460, would I be correct?

I just sold both the snorkel and the air cleaner, they are not available anymore.

Center console top pad, no splits or cracks, will need to be re-died with a little glueing down the sides where the foam is, $75

upper radio pad with no cracks or burns, will need some re-glueing of the foam pad, $75

Gauges, Fuel B grade $15 , Amp gauge B grade signs of fading starting if you look close $25 and an A grade temp gauge $45 all tested and work.

I would be interested in the 2 toggle switch panels.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Hi Randy, send me a PM or email me with shipping details to, dkwasnycia"at" mnsi . net
Just change “at” for @ and get rid of the spaces


Dennis, I sent you a PM.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Courtesy light assembly Driver side. The chrome is pitted, $15

Just an update that I still have the following parts.
Door edge guards
vinyl top trim
stainless vinyl top hold down strips
68 XR7 Door pull backer plates
351C water inlet tube
XR7G mirror base
black centre console pad
Set of XR7 Gauges

Are the vinyl top mouldings still available?

Hey Edward,
I still have the top mouldings, you can send me your address or zip to my email address. Just get rid of the spaces and change “at” to @
dkwasnycia “at” mnsi . net


I still have the Courtesy light,
Upper Radio pad
Center Console pad,
XR7G mirror base,
351C water inlet tube,
68 XR7 door pull backer plates,
Light Switches,
Stainless steel vinyl top hold down strips

Please make any reasonable offer!