Rear Brake Drum replacement


I found a article regarding rear drum replacements for ford 9 inch rears. I guess back in the day people for performance used fairlane rear drums as there 3 inches wide compared to the typical 2 inch wide ones on our cats. Has anyone done this conversion? If so where did you buy your drums from? I got the rear brakes off my car and was going to go disc but seen this and decided to go this route.


How-To: Shelby Rear Brake Trick on Early Mustangs (

As I recall the 3 inch brakes were from the Fairlane Station wagons. I’m not sure if it is a easy to find set any more. But good luck and please document it here.

Think i may have stumbled upon something

BrakeBest Select Drum/Rotor/Hub Brake Drum 49-87204 | O’Reilly Auto Pa (

Couple of things to consider.

  1. Backing plates are different due to the post at the “top” of the plate. It is taller for wider brake shoes.
  2. The wheel cyl size has been calculated for proper pressure on the shoes. If incorrect, locking up rear axle or no rear brakes…
  3. Considering the minor amount the rear brakes add, the $ spent for this mod or disc rears is kinda a waste of $$ IMHO