Rear Brake Hose

Good Day All. Can anyone help with some insight regarding the correct length of the Rear Brake Hose. The vendors that I have looked at all seem to list the Cougar & Mustang together as using the same rear hose. I know that there are many differences in the rear axel area between Cougar & Mustang. They also seem to reference the same basic part number C7ZZ-2282. Some follow that with an “-A” some with an “-AR”. This part is said to fit all 67 to 69 except 427, 428 & BOSS 302 cars. I purchased a Raybestos Part # BH36603. It was supposed to fit both Cougar and Mustang, but it is roughly 2" shorter than the original part on my 69 Cougar.

The Mustang used the same brake hose and in fact the same rearend assembly.

One of WCCC videos Don Rush talks about the Cougar leaf springs are longer with different bottom brackets. The shocks are also longer all giving the rear axel longer travel than the Mustang

There was another video of a review of a stock unmodified Boss 302 Eliminator that touches on some of the same. It also shows the factory mods for the alternated shock mounts used there and on the 428CJ. Those vehicles also have a special different rear brake hose

The fitting sizes are different than Mustang

I don’t know what you are seeing but every fitting is exactly the same as Mustang. My Lincoln Mercury MPC was revised April 1969 so it only shows the parts that were used in 1969 on the assembly line. It shows the 1969 Cougar used the same C8ZZ hose as the Mustang.

“F” is the Cougar.

Guess I’ve been working on 428 & Boss Cats too much lately…

Flexible high pressure replacement brake hose for the rear drum brakes on Mercury Cougar and Ford Mustang. The Ford MPC specifies that the 427, 428 and Boss 302 cars used this slightly different hose. The most noticeable difference is the bracket that attaches to the differential and the larger size fittings.

Almost all the cars I work on are GT-E’s. All of them use normal sized brake fittings. None are any special or larger size. The brake line from the front of the car to the flex hose is the same regardless if a 302 or a 427. Only 4 speed cars use a staggered shock requiring the special rubber hose. So far I have encountered exactly one of those. The fitting sizes are identical to any other rear axle.

I think the larger size rear brake hose fitting (for the small blocks) started in 1970.

I have never worked on a 1970. All the Cougars that come here are 1967 - 1969. The MPC calls out the part numbers and it is correct.

Thanks Everyone. The Hose on my early build 69 has this number stamped on the block, C8ZA-2A448-A. I know this may be a casting number. The hose portion measures at 10.25", about an inch longer that the part from Raybestos.

Must be the casting #? The hose assembly (for pre-June 69) would have been the C8__-2282-A number called out in the MPC. I believe the ZZ in C8ZZ-2282-A is actually for a Mustang service part number, which speaks to what Royce said about Cougar and Mustang using the same part. The 1970 production hose assembly number was D0WB-2282-A which is a Cougar engineering number with the larger fitting size.
Edit - that’s a Westinghouse Brakes logo on the casting and perhaps 20th day of 12th month of 1968 date code. It’s C8ZA prefix also has the Z indicating it was designed for Mustang - at least from I understand about Ford engineering part numbers.

The C8ZA number is the ID number for the block only. The entire part including the block and the rubber hose is what the MPC is referring to. The overall measurement should be 11 7/8" as the MPC says.