Rechroming '69 Non remote mirror

After looking everywhere for a NOS standard mirror and having no luck it appears I’m going to have to rechrome my original.
It’s actually in pretty good shape, just not perfect.

Does anyone have any tricks to getting this thing apart without busting the glass? I can’t for the life of me see a way to do it.

The WCCC video has a procedure whereby the glass is smashed to remove it. New glass is installed later in that video.
After the broken pieces are removed, it shows that the glass is adhered with silicone at each corner with a quarter-sized application of the silicone from the factory.

I wonder if the glass could be gently heated to loosen the silicone or a hot blade inserted in between to free the glass instead of smashing it.

That’s what I was wondering as well. The original glass has some printing on it and I’m trying to keep the original glass if at all possible.

I guess the last option is to soak it in some acetone or other solvent to see if that will loosen up the silicone but that could affect the mirror’s reflective backing.

I would use the heatgun option first or maybe an oven at 200 and see what happens.