Removing bottom bolt on Windsor thermostat housing

Any suggestions on how to remove bottom bolt on thermostat housing on 302W, with the engine in the car

Trying to avoid removing a/c brackets or distributor

New housing will use allen head bolts - although I’ll probably be fertilizer before I have to take it off if this one lasts as long as the old one

… unless the new thermostat is rubbish

I would use a 1/2" socket LOL. Not sure what the issue is, I don’t recall it being very hard to do. When you install the thermostat housing it helps to drill a #40 hole in the thermostat at 12:00 to let trapped air bleed. Then glue the new thermostat into the housing, and glue the gasket to the housing, using contact cement.

Oh wait - put the beer down. That frees up your other hand.

I have used a distributor wrench before.

Managed to get an offset ring spanner and ratcheting ring spanner on the head of the bolt and snap the head off

Today’s question - does anyone know hoe to get a frozen bolt snapped off bolt out of a manifold, without taking the manifold off to use an easy-out

I drill them starting with #40 in the middle, then continue to step up to larger sizes until it gets to 1/4". Then you can usually use a 5/16 - 18 tap to cut the threads. Finish by vacuuming the shavings out.

Ditto on the timing wrench trick. That’s what I used to use.

You can find a nut that will slip over the broken stud and weld the nut to the stud, let cool and turn it out.
The heat alone will loosen the stud.

Nothing worked to get broken stud out so time to remove manifold

and while I’m at it I may as well convert it back to petrol and remove the LPG system

and when removing the LPG system the pipes from the water pump came off in in the hose - or the remainders of the pipes

so it’s time for a new water pump

Where was that list

  • water pump
    fuel line
    fuel tank
    fuel sender
    fuel gauge
    locking ring
    hose to tank
    hose clamps
    filler neck gasket
    fuel cap
    fuel pump
    fuel pump safety switch
    inlet manifold
    manifold gaskets
    465 holley
    fuel pressure regulator
    upper hose
    lower hose
    annoying little hose
    hose clamps
    … and thermostat housing

While i’m at it I may as well fit a new radiator and fans

Please stop me next time I go to remove an manky looking part just because I don’t think it looks nice.

So its off to the dentist to have a tooth removed

Wonder if an Edelbrock 650 AVS2 would be better

Removed water pump - timing chain cover is cracked

… and on and on and on and on …

all this just to change a thermostat

No good deed goes unpunished.

Replacing inlet manifold. Torquing bolts to 15lbs on first pass - and behold - snapped a bolt. Time to ditch the 50 year old bolts and go and get a set of new fasteners