Reproduction 67-68 Rear Valance

Reading WCCC’s review description on the reproduction 67-68 rear valance i says some of the smaller holes have to be enlarged for fitment. Has anyone used a reproduction? How far off are the mounting holes? Is enlarging the holes harder more time consuming than doing body work/labor on a good used valance?

Spend the time to find good used I say…

good used one here.

Thanks for the link. I looked at both pictures of the valances and they show holes for rear bumper guards. I’m looking to go without the bumper guards.

Call Desert Valley Auto Parts in Phoenix. In January I saw 4 or 5 rear valance panels in a pile by the junk Cougars. Didn’t notice what holes they had.

I whole heartedly agree. I bought a reproduction rear valance and the fitment was terrible. It took some major sheet metal work to get it to fit right. One side fit perfectly, and the other side had to be cut, bent, and welded to get the right form and fit.

Get an NOS one. Not too hard to find.