Restored 1967 XR-7 GT (BBCat)

BBCat is up for sale. Rather than reinvent here everything I’ve already put together, here are a couple of links to information on it. There are 76 photos covering pretty much anything anyone would need to see (I hope, anyway). This is a 20-minute walk-around video of the car. The last 5 minutes or so are with the car running.

I’m asking $29,500 or best reasonable offer on the premise that I can come down, but not go up. I have about $32K in the restoration and I’m hoping that the video clearly shows it. If you are interested, please feel free to make a serious offer.

BTW, the video clearly shows that I am not in the same league with WCCC. I know that, so be kind.

Great job! Striations… I am going to use that in my next video, great word. Thanks for the WCCC plug! It will sell pronto.

Good luck with the sale Bill. Great video.

Thanks, Don and Steven. I appreciate the support.

Very nice Bill, wish I had the disposable income to buy it. Good luck with the sale.

Very nice, Bill. Good luck!

Thanks, T3! There is already a deal pending, although I haven’t received the deposit yet. I expect to receive it at some point today.

That was fast! (that’s what she said)

Well done, sir! (not what sh…nevermind)

Deposit received; BBCat is sold.

Congrats Bill, I’m sure the new owner will be very happy with that fine ride.

Thanks, Chris! I’m sure BBCat will like living in California, too.

Great job and congratulations on the sale!


Congrats on the sale Bill. Now convince the new owner he needs to show it off at the 50th in Dearborn.

Thanks, Brian. I don’t know if he’ll be open to bringing it all the way from CA, but maybe he’ll get it to some of the Cascade Cougar club or other West Coast events.

Bill, I have basically the same car would you feel comfortable sharing even approximately the selling value to use as a judge of market conditions, thanks Paul.

PM sent.