Rim Blow restoration

Just received my restored rim blow back from Best In Show. Very impressed. I would highly recommend.


That 's nice to hear. What kind of turn around time from the time you sent it to getting it back?

3 months. More then originally told but worth it in my opinion.


I have a couple of their wheels. They do fantastic work.

Would it be possible to post a picture, I am thinking about having one done.

BiS did mine as well:


Did mine, too. A+

Mine too… Keep in mind if you have an extra core(s) he will pay generously (store credit) for certain years, pads too.


I have a BIS wheel too, it’s very nice. Sits in a box on a shelf with a NOS rimblow switch installed, new repro pad with bezel customized to fit (the repro pads have incorrect contours where the bezel fits) and has JCC burl woodgrain.

I could not stand the stock wheel with a fixed column, it was in my lap and harder (than with a smaller diameter wheel) to get into and out of the car.

Also, the woodgrain finish, while nicer than stock and pretty much universally loved, is not correct.

Which is which?

All pictures posted are BIS restored wheels I believe. My two pics are and are of the same wheel, just came out differently due to lighting.

P.S. The other thing I hate about the stock wheels is it feels like gripping a pencil, the rim is too thin. Pretty much all more modern cars have much thicker rims, much more comfortable to drive.

But, originality is non-negotiable in some (many?) cases. For me/Isabel originality be damned.