RJ Mitte (breaking bad) drives a Cougar

Here in the U.K. a new show’s started on TV called Celebrity Island where 10 celebrities have to survive on an island using their own resources.
One of the celebs is RJ Mitte who played Walter White jr in BB.
At the start there was a short clip showing him at home standing next to, and then driving, his (67/68?) Cougar.
It made me smile, especially as most UK viewers would have no idea what the car was :slight_smile:

edit to add I just found an interview where he mentions it:

"What’s the one luxury or indulgence you couldn’t live without?

My Netflix is pretty important to me. More and more, I’m becoming reliant on that! I guess my car is my indulgence – it’s a '67 Mercury Cougar, a pony muscle car. We also have a family car which is a Mercedes ML350. I paid 65pc less than the normal retail price though."

Ha! That’s very cool.

Nice that a 25 year entertainer is so proud to own a classic Cougar.

  • Phillip