Scanned 1969 Owners Manual?

Hey, i just bought a beautiful 1969 Cougar and received the car yesterday from Belgium Netherlands. I’m located in Germany. I purchased a Owners Manual to find out some basic stuff about the car but it takes 1-3 weeks to deliver. :open_mouth:

Does anybidy can help me out with a scanned 69 Owners Manual so i can check out some basic stuff? Would be very helpful. Greets from Hamburg.

WCCC do a very good reproduction. I don’t know if that’s where you’ve bought yours from?
It got here to the UK surprisingly cheaply and quickly.

As someone previously said on my question about this, “it’ll answer any questions you have plus many more you’ve not thought of yet”.

It’s quite a big booklet so it’ll probably be easier to answer any questions. I’ve asked some fairly dumb ones in my time and no one laughed!

I ordered an original one on ebay, thought if i pay more for shipping than the manual is worth than i take a original not reproduced :wink: WCCC looks awesome, i already have alist of things to order…

WCCC have a good reputation on here and I’ve found it to be well deserved.
Don Rush and his guys (from WCCC) are often on here and are happy to offer advice and help.

Most useful purchase I made!

1965-72 Lincoln Mercury car parts master parts catalog 2CD
$18.50 from

Just got my interior keepers from them. All I can say is they are QUICK to ship when you order from WCCC. Good prices, and good parts, and very knowledgeable.