Seam sealer along cowl

I am wondering if I am supposed to fill the 1 inch by 1/4 inch vertical slot where the cowl meets the fender with seam sealer as shown in the middle of the attached photo. 1969 Cougar.

The factory used a ball of sealer kind like modeling clay pushed up into the crack from the wheel side. Also in the front lower corners of the rad core support.

here’s a pic of a 68

I had posted this once. but it done disappeared into the inter abyss I guess

Thank you for the input. I was concerned that it may have provided drainage for water coming through the cowl.

Instead it provides a nice pocket for water, and promotes rusting >.<

So, would I be better off leaving it open to drain the resevoir behind the pinchweld?

I have a 69 Cougar and those are open on both sides, also 67&68 are different.

So, Since I posted a pic of a 68 & I have a few 69’s, I went & took pics. The first pics are from a 69 XR-7 M code Detroit cat. The last (blue) is a double “R” code, looks like they did things a bit different in Cali…