Seat Belt Question

I have a 1970 Cougar XR7 Coupe and was looking at my seat belts. Here is what I have.

Front Seat Belts - Made by Hamill Mfg. 40-69 (work week 40, 1969) Tag on belt.
Rear Seat Belts- Made by JR Robbins- 28-69 (work week 28, 1969) on Buckles. Tags on belts are missing or unreadable.

My car was completed on Nov. 4th 1969.

  1. Did all XR7’s have deluxe seat belts on both front and Rear?
  2. Was it common to have 2 different seat belt MFG’s belts in the same car going thru the factory?

    Gene Standiford

The deluxe seat belts were an option. They are not part of the xr7 package. I’m not sure of the answer to your second question.


I just looked at the belts in both my 70 XR-7 and my 71 XR-7. Both have Deluxe belts(and per Marti reports) and all are from Hamill mfg. I didn’t look at all the dates but the front belts in the 70 have 39-69 for week 39 of 1969. That Cougar was built on Nov 12, 1969.

All the cars that I have parted out over the years have had the same seatbelts in them. All the belts in the car were made by the same supplier and the date codes would all match.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Hi Steve, Thank you for your input on my question. I appreciate it very much.


Neal, Thanks for your input. Interesting, your car was built 8 days after mine. Just recently, I did buy a complete set of 70 seat belts from a guy in Danbury, CT. That set has Robbins belts in the front and Hamill belts in the rear. But, the Hamill belts were made during Work week 22 of 1970. (22-70). This set is in better shape than mine.


Randy, Thank you for your experience over the years with the Cougar. I’m only a couple of years into the car. It was 95% restored when I bought it in 2019. I’m still finding out interesting things about.

Gene Standiford
CCOA# 10296

Not an XR-7 but my '70 vert with deluxe belts, mfg on March 26 had Hamill belts made 3-70 and 8-70 (front/back).

What about color? Some colors likely were not produced at the same rate as common black seat belts. I would hesitate to draw a straight line conclusion, of lead times for a car build date and seat belt dates without considering color.

We have also seen small belt buckles mixed with large belt buckles on 1970 convertibles. Convertibles do not have retractors on the front male end of the belts.

Hi Scott, my belts in the cougar are black. I have small buckles in the front and large ones in the rear. Is this correct?

CCOA # 10296