Selling Husbands 1967 Cougar

Hello - I apologize if this is not the place to post. But wanted to start here first. My husband just recently passed at only 58. He bought his 1967 Cougar prior to marrying me. I believe he was about 25 years old. It was running at the time we met and he took me out in it a few times . Long story short my husband recently took it it apart and was putting it all together while making any repairs etc. I am hoping that someone will love the car as much as he did and will put it fully together. I am going through the process of taking photos and information. He even has the book of, I believe original owner, so there is a traceable history. We live in Wisconsin. I am still working on pricing but based on some local classic car guys I know I will be asking anywhere between 12,000 to 15,000. From what the guys told me it’s in great condition. But I also wish someone not part it out but put it together again. Feel free to message me through the Cougar site. I wish I was a mechanic because I would put it together myself!!


Very sorry to hear of your husbands passing. I live in Wisconsin also.


I should add that prior to posting the car on other sites is anyone interested in the Classic Cougar Community? Thank you.

Thank you


Sorry for your loss, prayers.
When you are ready, post what you have. The cougar community will be here but until we totally know what you have, interest would be a guess. I am sure there are several interested parties already. However, we need to know what you have.


Hi Gary

I have been trying to figure out how to put in a 1967 Cougar in the classifieds on this site. All I am able to do is put a description with one photo and I cannot even see that photo embedded. I can post in a thread like this and that is all. I also can read replies. Thanks!

Maybe you can see this photo? It’s strange that you cannot do multiple photos?

I think I figured it out sorry for all the replies!

No worries, I’m glad you got it sorted out. I saw your sale thread. Looks nice good luck!


Sorry for your loss. Where are you located? I would be willing to look at the car if still available.

I rebuild old Cougars.

Best Regards, Rich

I’m sorry to here about your recent loss. I also live in Wisconsin. Recently moved. I’m very interested in your cougar. When you are ready, I would like to see the car in person.

Best Regards Tom Challenger

Hi Tom - I apologize if I already emailed you. Please reach out to my personal email at about the Cougar. I feel like I am missing people interested in the car. I have one gentleman looking on Saturday. You can also call me at 262-707-2458 and I can tell you about the car and send you photos etc.

Hi All - If I have not reached out to you feel free to contact me at directly. I am getting a few people interested and want to make sure I don’t miss anyone. Thanks Rae