So, freeze plugs

Last week we got my 70 started, but didn’t have time to tune it, as the freeze plug above the starter, started leaking. Any tips on replacing this in the car? Or is it just a PITA no matter how you go about it?

The one above the starter requires removing the starter. Then usually it is fairly open to work on. Depending on exhaust and other things that may be in the way. Removing the old one is usually the hardest part. But getting the new one in can also be a bugger sometimes.

I did one in my mustang years ago, and used a tool like this:
OTC (4603) Frost Plug Remover/Installer Set + Free Shipping (
Maybe you can get a loner at your local parts store. I don’t remember it being that difficult. Hope it helps.

Thanks for the tool tip! I will see if I can borrow one from the parts store-